Jaisalmer Tour Travel is a travel agency by Savi Travels with a dedicated focus on Jaisalmer tour packages. The company also has a special emphasis on the online tour booking

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Jaisalmer Tour Travel

A brief about Jaisalmer Tour Travel

We are a bunch of local young people who came together to form a platform for providing travel assistance to our clients. After an experience of working together in this industry for more than 8 years, we decided to bring this platform to provide the best of the best package in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer tour travel is a sub-division of Savi Travels, a travel agency for traveling to and from Rajasthan. Savi Travel organizes tour packages. We look for Jaisalmer on their behalf.

Jaisalmer Tour Travel is in existence for more than 5 years now with more than a hundred satisfied guests.

Why Jaisalmer Tour Travel is The Best?

Jaisalmer Tour Travel agency is the best among all the travel agency in Jaisalmer coz of the following reasons

  • Operated by Locals
  • Experience of a decade in the travel industry
  • Trust Seal of a Reputed Brand SAVI TRAVELS
  • Well crafted and articulated packages
  • Customer-oriented Packages
  • Customer Reviews are our strength
  • Low cost as we do bulk buying from the vendors
  • Best Rates Assured

A brief about Savi Travels

Savi Travels
Savi Travels


Savi Travels is a unit of Siya Ram Bajrang Store headquarters at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India and belongs to the SRBS Group which has marked its presence in various industries including the travel and hospitality industry. M/s Siya Ram Bajrang Store launched its own travel channel on 10th anniversary of Hotel Savi Regency, Jaipur and as per its vision and commitment to grow its base and provide a hassle free travel to its customers and clients.

Destination focused travel

The company provides travel packages for a few limited countries at present and will look to enhance its reach at a later stage. We are specialized in tour packages for Rajasthan. We have more than 100 travel associates who do B2b Packages for Rajasthan. For inbound Savi Travels provides packages for Goa and Kerala, too in India. For Outbound travel, we are dealing in South East Asia, the Indian Sub-continent and Europe, Australia as well as Russia. We also issue some dos and don’ts for those traveling to other countries.

Savi Travels want our customers to be our happy clients rather than serve them once. That’s why the tag line says “Travel With Smile” 

Why Jaisalmer Tour Packages by Jaisalmer Tour Travel is best?

Our Jaisalmer tour packages are the best as they are designed by the local experts having an experience of more than a decade in travel industry. Our cost is also low as we eliminate all middlemen and directly bring the best rate. Our rates are also best because of our bulk buying from the vendors. Thus passing additional benefits to our customers for TRAVEL WITH SMILE

Our Team